Studio Room Parenting

The MOSAIC PTO utilizes a collaborative party structure with one lead party coordinator to oversee all studio parties. We encourage a studio level lead to work collaboratively with our lead party coordinator. We also encourage our families to volunteer on party days. Opportunities to volunteer for studio parties will be through signup genius and will be shared prior to the parties. Parent volunteers ensure that each child has fun and is safe during the studio parties.

MOSAIC Dad’s Club

Dad’s Club is a volunteer group with an aim to forge and foster relationships within our community of students, faculty and families.
Our mission is two fold:
(1) To encourage fathers, grandfathers, and father figures to become more involved in the educational journey of our students
(2) Provide opportunities to make a positive contribution to the activities of MOSAIC Elementary through examples in leadership, excellence, integrity and friendship.
Dad’s Club has a Facebook Page:
This page is designed so the fathers, grandfathers, and father figures of MOSAIC Elementary can share photos, stories, and ideas to help our school community.

Guardians of the MOSAIC Galaxy Facebook Page

Join us at Guardians of the MOSAIC Galaxy Facebook group page. This page is designed for parents to share information and plan outings together. Get to know other MOSAIC parents and help one another out. This is not an official PTO page.